illustrator/art director


graphic designer & illustrator

Dominican Republic born & Chinese descendant based out of Miami, FL.

My art journey began around '07 when I learned how to use Fireworks and how to create layouts using different visual elements and composing different sets of compositions with them. From there, I attained Photoshop CS and got heavily inspired by photo manipulation which sparked an interest in photography.

2011 though 2015, I was creative director for a street wear brand called No Solution. Sticking strong with the DIY culture, it forced me to branch out into depths I never ventured into; whether it was filming/editing videos, audio editing, website designing/coding, or any other task which asked to learn a new technique with my own knowledge and/or the use of another software or program.

Throughout my journey, I have always experimented and collaborated with other artists whether at live events, freelance work for other brands and independent artists around the US and a lot around my own neighborhood. My interests' culture + weird internet humor is usually where my style derives from. I am open for collaborations or commissions.